manager is holding severance agreement papers

Severance Agreements

The realm of employment law is complex, with various facets requiring attention from both employers and employees. One critical area that often necessitates legal guidance is severance agreements. At Howard Lewis & Petersen, we offer services to assist businesses in Provo, Utah, with crafting well-structured severance agreements that align with both state and federal laws. [...]

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a young man showing a confidentiality agreement document

Confidentiality Agreements

The landscape of business interactions has been redefined by the digital age, raising the stakes for maintaining confidentiality. In this landscape, Howard Lewis & Petersen, experienced business lawyers in Utah, aid companies in securing their most valuable asset — information — through well-crafted confidentiality agreements. This article delves into the nuances of confidentiality agreements, their [...]

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Gunter on Cross-Examination

Army Lieutenant Colonel Jake Gunter lectures on cross-examination techniques to Utah National Guard Judge Advocates during the annual UTNG JAG conference held at Camp Williams, Butler Readiness Center. Riverton, Utah on 10FEB2024. Jake Gunter in his civilian career has been trying juries for 20 years, defending those accused of crimes and the injured. Experience in [...]

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young woman sprained her ankle while hiking

Tips to Prevent Hiking Accidents

The natural landscapes of Utah attract thousands of hiking enthusiasts every year. From the arches of Moab to the canyons of Zion, the state offers a plethora of trails that promise adventure and breathtaking vistas. While the beauty of these trails is unparalleled, it is important to remember that hiking in Utah comes with its [...]

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dangerous city traffic situation with a cyclist and cars

Tips to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, attracting countless bicyclists yearly. However, cycling can come with its own set of risks. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidelines to avoid accidents. Howard Lewis & Petersen’s Provo UT accident lawyer [...]

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car accidents

Trucker Forces Car Off Road; Jury Awards $927,000 To Victims

PROVO—A large tractor-trailer rig claimed it was blameless for forcing a driver to swerve, causing that driver to smash into a car waiting at a stop sign on a Provo city street. A Utah County jury disagreed and awarded over $927,000 to a local man and his wife for their injuries. They were represented by [...]

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driver and a pedestrian at a crosswalk on rainy day

Tips to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Effective pedestrian accident prevention can significantly reduce the risk of tragic incidents and save lives. Howard Lewis & Petersen, your trusted Provo personal injury attorney, is committed to spreading awareness about this crucial issue. This article outlines vital safety measures to observe, covering responsibilities for both pedestrians and drivers. Use Crosswalks Pedestrians should prioritize crossing [...]

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traffic jam

Tips to Prevent Car Accidents

The rate of car accidents in Utah has necessitated a timely examination of the best preventative measures. Howard Lewis & Petersen, a leading firm of Provo personal injury attorneys, educates the public on responsible driving practices. This article details essential tips to minimize the likelihood of accidents, thus contributing to safer roads for everyone. Follow [...]

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Utah Employment Discrimination Attorney Ken Parkinson. Call/Txt (801) 373-6345.

How to Respond to a Charge of Discrimination Receiving a charge of discrimination letter from the Utah Anti-Discrimination and Labor Division (UALD) or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can be stressful and confusing for a small business owner. These letters often begin something like this: Enclosed you will find a copy of a [...]

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Attorney Pete Lattin—Conducting CLE on 12/05/2023

  Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC partner and estate planning attorney Peter L. Lattin lecturing at the Utah County Estate Planning Council on 12/05/2023. Pete's legal practice focuses on estate planning and administration.  Call/TXT at (801) 373-6345.

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