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CALL/TXT EMPLOYMENT ATTORNEY KEN PARKINSON (801) 373-6345 What Happens When Companies Accuse Employees of Theft in Utah?

This is Ken Parkinson. During my 29 years practicing law, I’ve represented employees who have been accused of stealing from their employer. Sometimes the employer sues the employee for the alleged theft. Sometimes the employee is charged with theft by deception. Occasionally, employees are sued civilly by their employer, and they then face criminal charges [...]

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Partnership and Shareholder Business Disputes in Utah

Business partnerships and shareholder agreements are essential components of many thriving companies. However, disputes among partners or shareholders can occur, leading to complex legal challenges. Understand further the intricacies of partnership and shareholder disputes particularly focusing on the legal landscape in Utah. Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C., a leading law firm specializing in this area, [...]

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Gunter Promoted to Army Lieutenant Colonel–JAG 09/10/2023

Gunter Promoted to Army Lieutenant Colonel–JAG 09/10/2023   On 09/10/2023 MAJ Jacob S. Gunter was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Utah Army National Guard. He was federally recognized in August 2023. Current LTC Gunter commands the 653 Trial Defense Services which defends National Guard Soldiers against adverse action arising out of the Montana, Utah [...]

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How to Move Your Out-of-State Company to Utah

Moving a company out of state can be a complex and time-consuming process. But when considering moving a business to Utah, a myriad of benefits awaits. Utah has become a hotspot for businesses seeking a favorable business climate and legal structure. In this article, explore what Utah domestication is, the laws that govern it, the [...]

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Injunction Relief: What Is It?

Injunction relief is a legal concept that refers to the act of a court ordering a party to either do something or refrain from doing something. When legal disputes arise, injunctive relief may become a critical avenue of recourse. A Provo attorney can help you understand what an injunction relief is, the different types of [...]

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How to Handle Business Disputes Out of Court in Utah

In the world of business, disagreements are inevitable, yet how they are handled can mean the difference between a minor hiccup and a significant legal battle. In Utah, many organizations choose to resolve their business disputes out of court. Let’s explore the means to address such conflicts without legal proceedings and highlight how we, at [...]

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Motorcycle Speeding Accidents

  UTAH MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER JAKE GUNTER.  CALL/TXT (801) 373-6345 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.  LET JAKE’S 20 YEARS OF COURTROO EXPERIENCE WORK FOR YOU Motorcycle speeding accidents remain a pressing issue on the roads of Utah. The surge in the popularity of motorcycles and the thrill that comes with speeding often lead to severe consequences. [...]

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Motorcycle Accidents With Passengers

UTAH MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER JAKE GUNTER.  CALL/TXT (801) 373-6345 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.  LET JAKE’S 20 YEARS OF COURTROO EXPERIENCE WORK FOR YOU Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating experience, and Utah is home to some of the most scenic roadways in the nation. However, motorcycle accidents involving passengers present a unique set of challenges that [...]

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Fatal Car Accidents Compensation for Family

CALL/TXT UTAH CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER JAKE GUNTER (801) 373-6345.  LET HIS 20 YEARS OF COURTROOM EXPERIENCE HELP YOU Having a loved one get involved in a fatal car accident in Utah is a devastating experience that no family should endure. Navigating the legal landscape to seek compensation can be a complex and overwhelming task, especially [...]

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Resolving Car Collision Cases Part 1: Negotiated Settlement

UTAH CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY JAKE GUNTER.  CALL/TXT (801) 373-6345 When you are hurt in a Utah car collision, your case can resolve in several ways, depending on the unique factors in each case, but there are two basic tracks: You can reach a negotiated settlement or you can seek a resolution through the adversarial process. [...]

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