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Ken Parkinson was an amazing attorney and so helpful in every step of the process. He was always good to explain everything to my husband and I. The office staff was so kind and responded quickly. We definitely recommend the office!

Former Client | Google Reviews

Ken Parkinson is the man. I've never met someone more on top of his work and so good at what he does. He is the lawyer you want to go to for any accident related events.

JR | Google Reviews

Howard Lewis & Petersen are very professional and responsive have any questions they are there and willing to help you .... Jake is the attorney that helped us with our case he is friendly and understanding he always does his best I am very happy with their services.

Miri O. | Google Reviews

Jake was great. He was reassuring of the outcome of my case and came through with flying colors. Couldn't be happier.

Paul W. | Google Reviews

Jacob Gunter did an excellent job defending my case I had two minor drug offenses in two separate courts and got a plea in abeyance in both because I hired him! He is also very inexpensive and works well with bnb price and payment plans. 10/10 would hire again.

minecraftmaster6401 | Google Reviews

Was treated very well and given the extra mile service. The outcome was beyond what I had hoped for and helped me tremendously. I give a big thanks and recommend him to those looking for good service.

David J. | Google Reviews

TC Taylor is such a great resource for our insurance office. He gives great advice and will reach out to our clients with any questions they have. He's a great advocate and does an incredible job. The experience at his firm is unmatched he will do an amazing job to help you with your personal injury case.

Kayla B. | Google Reviews

3 months ago- 2018 I got into this car accident, it was horrible. I didn’t know what to do but I was advised to get a lawyer. Thanks to the reviews from Howard Lewis and Petersen I decided they would be a good option to check out.! I can tell you they did not disappoint. My first meeting took all the stress and anxiety I had about handling the case, and after that the whole process has been smooth sail. What I appreciate most about my lawyer Ken is that he is detailed oriented, he explained what would happen, expectations on the case, ran through timelines on about how long things might take, and sought for my best interest. This wasn’t only once though, anytime we talked, it was in detailed! Even though I knew they were busy, they always made me feel like a priority and that made the difference. I am so thankful for them and their team! Also, their paralegal, Alyssa is amazing! and Karen who works at the front desk is the kindest person ever.

Belen T. | Google Reviews

I would highly recommend Howard Lewis and Petersen. Ken is great a guy. He's very honest and committed to his clients! I would refer Ken to everyone I know!!!

Cory J. | Google Reviews

My Husband and I met with Peter. He was very helpful, efficient and genuine in his help with us. Would definitely go back if I needed any more help!!

McKenzie F. | Google Reviews

Ken did a fantastic job taking care of a bad situation that happened in our company. We are very grateful for him.

James S. | Google Reviews

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Amy | Google Reviews

Jacob and his staff were great. They explained everything clearly and always kept us informed of our case.

Ron D. | Google Reviews

Jacob handled our claim from the very beginning. Very little interaction needed by us. Paid our physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical bills. Obtained double the amount originally offered by the other party's insurance company. Highly recommend him.

Karina C. | Google Reviews

Highly satisfied with my experience. Jacob was Very professional, he educated me on what to expect, what the likely outcome would be and then he achieved it! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jordan W. | Google Reviews

Mr. Gunter was amazing when it came to my criminal defense! He was super personal when fitting, and still professional. He is the attorney that I personally recommend for anything. I felt very comfortable talking to him about my dark past and it worked out positive, which it sometimes doesn't, because he was a huge advocate for me, even knowing my history and charges I was facing. I know where I would be if I didn't have him in my corner, he is greatly appreciated my not only me but my family as well. Plus, it also helped that he worked with me when it came to cost even considering all the work he did and court appearances it took to get me through.

Julia W. | Google Reviews

Jacob Gunter has been a wonderful attorney for me over the past year or so. I didn't think I needed an attorney after my car accident. I naively assumed that the insurance companies would take care of everything, but when the medical bills started piling up, Jacob explained how he could help me make sure all my bills were paid an

Jesica B. | Google Reviews

Jacob was professional, honest, and reliable. I would not trust anyone else to handle any legal matters for me!

Lynay O. | Google Reviews

Mr. Gunter is quick and efficient at getting things done and is very affordable. I have sent my niece and boyfriend to him for legal advice. I highly recommend him.

R Bruce Howell | Google Reviews

I have been experiencing a lot of frustration with trying to get a charitable organization to give me the necessary IRS form to show the donation of a sizable costly professional equipment to them for goodwill and humanitarian benefit. They would never respond to my multiple calls which I made to them. Finally I requested the help of Jake Gunter to assist in obtaining some resolution on this matter. He was attentive and acted with due diligence. Within days he had obtained resolution in the matter. I know that his firm focuses on personal injury but Jake also is very knowledgeable in business law. His fees are fair.

Zach D. | Google Reviews

Excellent service with awesome prices. Jacob did an amazing job with my case and got a very good outcome with a stern judge. He was well prepared and did everything in a professional manner and communication with his clients seems to be a high priority.

Kailee M. | Google Reviews

Ken Parkinson is very passionate about what he does. He's been practicing with the firm for years and feels it's important to work in a place where it feels like family. You will get that personal attention working with him, his knowledge and experience will help you get fair and just compensation.

Kaden L. | Google Reviews

Having my friend refer me to Jake was the best idea. He is not only a great Attorney, but he’s also very nice. It’s not all about the case, he really gets to know you and throws some jokes out every now and then. If I ever need an attorney again, he’s my go-to.

Steven D. | Google Reviews

Forget the guys you see and TV. Ken Parkinson is by far the best personal injury attorney in Utah. Knowledgeable and very personable. He thoroughly explains things without making you feel unintelligent. Highly recommend!

James W. | Google Reviews

This is a great law firm in Provo. They have a ton of experience. I've gotten to know a couple of their attorneys - Ken Parkinson and Tyler Raymond and they are both great individuals and attorneys!

Kylee T. | Google Reviews

Jacob Gunter and his law firm did everything in my case and made sure I was completely taken care of. He made sure I received the most I possible could in my case. I highly recommend his law firm to anyone needing a lawyer..they are GREAT!!

Joseph L. | Google Reviews

The best lawyers in the business. Ken Parkinson is super knowledgeable and super helpful with any legal issue.

Clint N. | Google Reviews

Believe it or not there are still honest lawyers in this world and all of them work at Howard Lewis and Peterson. I Highly recommend you talk to Ken Parkinson with any legal need you may have.

Jose R. | Google Reviews

Jacob Gunter and his team did an amazing job for me and my case. He made sure I was taken care of and I would highly recommend him and his law firm to anyone who wants the BEST possible results in their case!!

Josh B. | Google Reviews

Great Experience! They worked on a case for me and got a great result. I highly recommend Howard Lewis & Petersen!

Shaun M. | Google Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you to Howard Lewis & Peterson, especially Ken Parkinson for helping in a personal injury case for a close family member. They were able to clearly articulate our options and we felt they were in our corner and were there to help us win our case.

Ds Barton | Google Reviews

Jacob has a stellar reputation and I have other friends as well that highly recommend him

Lillian M. | Google Reviews

Howard and Lewis are professional attorneys with years of experience.

Jessica G. | Google Reviews

I believe I spoke with David today for a consultation over the phone. He was very kind and understanding, I could tell that he had his full and undivided attention on the conversation we were having.

Savanah K. | Facebook Reviews

Every time I talk with Ken Parkinson at Howard Lewis & Petersen I feel confidence and trust. He is a bulldog when the case requires such, but he is kind and caring lawyer. His results are fantastic, along with the firm as well. I have no hesitation working with and recommending Ken to my closest relations.

Brigg B. | Facebook Reviews

I have worked with Ken closely over the last year. He is excellent at what he does. I trust him so much I sent my best friend to him. He has taken very good care of him. Top notch attorneys

Scott N. | Facebook Reviews

Ken Parkinson is the best attorney in Utah county. He is glad to help people through any ugly legal situation.

Joseph L. | Facebook Reviews

Great Experience! They worked on a case for me and got a great result. I highly recommend Howard Lewis & Petersen!

Josh B. | Facebook Reviews

Professional staff with a great reputation in the legal community.

Lillian M. | Facebook Reviews

Great law firm! Don Peterson handled my divorce some years ago and he was awesome! They rock! I had a different last name then.

Cheryl A. | Facebook Reviews

I know both Ken Parkinson and Tyler Raymond and they represent this firm very well!

James W. | Facebook Reviews