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Utah felony defense attorney Jake Gunter Are you charged with a Utah Felony? Felony charges are very serious matters which can land even the first offender in a Utah prison. The criminal defense trial lawyers at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC are aggressive trial lawyers who know their way around Utah’s courtrooms. Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC has been around since 1950 and has an institutional knowledge of over 100 years.

Types of Utah Felonies:

Being charged with a Utah Felony, or a conviction for a Utah Felony is serious business where you should immediately hire an attorney. You can go to prison on a first offense.

Here are the types of Utah Felonies.

Capital Felony Life in prison. No parole. Death.
First Degree Felony Five years to life in prison. Not greater than $10,000
Second Degree Felony One to 15 years in prison. Not greater than $10,000
Third Degree Felony 0-5 Years in prison. Not greater than $5,000

Here are some common Utah felony charges and how to deal with them:

Violent Crimes

Aggravated Assault

Utah Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Self Defense

Felony Forgery Charges

Prescription Drug Charges


Stalking Charges

Child Abuse 

Restitution Law Criminal restitution in Utah can be a very serious financial obligation that has everlasting affects. Criminal restitution is not dischargeable in Bankruptcy proceedings. If you have a criminal restitution hearing the attorney at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC can help.

Pleas in Abeyance In general, a Plea in Abeyance is where you admit guilt and the judge holds your guilty plea and gives you a probationary period to see if you will screw up again. If you successfully complete the terms of your Plea in Abeyance, your criminal case will be dismissed and you will not have a criminal conviction for that charge.

Utah Military Lawyer You have worked hard for your military career. If you are being threatened with a rank reduction, discharge or a Court-Martial you should hire private defense counsel to fight for your rights. Call Attorney Jake Gunter for a free office consultation regarding your military law issues.

When the mighty weight of the government comes down on you, you should immediately hire an attorney. The collateral and life changing consequences of a felony conviction are vast.

If you are charged, or if you being investigated for a felony, call/txt Jake Gunter at Howard Lewis & Petersen, PC at (801) 373-6345.

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