For the last 20 years Jake has pretty much exclusively represented people accused of crimes or those hurt through no fault of their own. Criminal defense and personal injury. He rarely has represented businesses. His entire 20 years has been courtroom trial work:   Military Tribunals. Federal and state military tribunals including a Courts-Martial rape [...]

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Business Entity Dissolutions

When Utah business owners decide to close their operations, grasping the formal dissolution process is crucial for a legal and efficient conclusion. Consulting with a Utah business lawyer can ensure that all state-specific legal obligations are fulfilled, from resolving debts to allocating assets. Professional legal assistance plays a key role in ensuring a smooth transition [...]

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Utah Start-Up Business Questions

Starting a business is an exhilarating journey, filled with anticipation and ambition. For entrepreneurs in Utah, it's a path that promises growth and opportunities. Yet, establishing a new enterprise involves more than just a great idea; it requires a solid understanding of the legal framework that underpins business operations. The role of a Utah business [...]

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LLC Formation in Utah

Starting a business in Utah offers an array of advantages, from the state's robust economic climate to its supportive entrepreneurial environment. Among the various business structures available, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a popular choice for many entrepreneurs due to its flexibility, tax benefits, and limited liability protection for its owners. An LLC [...]

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Utah Business Contract Disputes

Utah's economy thrives on a diverse array of businesses, from emerging startups to established corporations. The cornerstone of every successful business venture is a solid foundation of agreements. These contracts serve as the backbone for commercial interactions, guaranteeing that all involved parties are aware of their rights, duties, and the repercussions for failing to fulfill [...]

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Wrong-Way Crash

Wrong-way driving incidents, marked by a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction of traffic flow on a roadway, are among the most hazardous and devastating types of traffic accidents. They often result in high-speed collisions, leading to severe injuries or fatalities. Understanding the dynamics of these incidents and the legal avenues available for victims is [...]

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Common Utah Accidents that Lead to Traffic Deaths

Traveling through the scenic routes of Utah, drivers and passengers alike enjoy breathtaking views of natural surroundings. However, amidst this beauty lies a sobering reality - the occurrence of traffic accidents leading to fatalities. Understanding the common causes behind these tragic events is crucial for prevention and ensuring the safety of all road users. Common [...]

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Car Crashes into Property – Private and Public

Annually, numerous incidents occur where vehicles unexpectedly veer off roads, colliding with both private and public structures. This alarming occurrence disrupts daily life, inflicts substantial damage to properties, and frequently leads to serious injuries. Recognizing the legal avenues and support available through a Provo, UT accident lawyer is critical for those impacted by such events. [...]

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Head-On Fatal Crash

Head-on collisions represent one of the most severe types of vehicular accidents on the roads today. These incidents occur when the fronts of two vehicles hit each other while moving in opposite directions. The force involved in such collisions is immense, often leading to catastrophic outcomes, including fatal injuries. Understanding the dynamics and implications of [...]

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