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Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C. handles a variety of general practice civil cases. Our Provo general practice attorney and legal team review each case in detail with our clients to determine the most equitable and cost-effective course of action, and work hard to ensure that the cost of litigation doesn’t exceed the value of the dispute. For all our clients, we strive to reach their goals, giving priority to their most important objectives.

Real Estate: From the title to the lease and from the Homeowner’s Association to the Zoning Commission, we have the experience to guide you in all your real estate needs. We work to free your property from encumbrances, to protect your ownership or lease rights, and to ensure that you can use your property for any legal purpose.

Business Litigation: Whether you need a business plan for your start-up or legal counsel for a shareholder dispute, HLP has the experience to guide you through the normal – and abnormal – issues that arise while you grow your business and keep it running strong.

Contracts: Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and interpreting a variety of contracts related to business, real estate, employment, and beyond. We can avoid unwanted loopholes, explain how a given clause will operate in future situations, and ensure that each contract is as binding as it needs to be.

Employment Law: For employers, HLP’s experience can help you develop a strong and legal relationship with your workers, create fair contracts, and stay in compliance with all applicable local and federal laws. For employees, we stand ready to assist you if you have been wrongfully terminated, experienced unlawful harassment, or if your ADA or Worker’s Compensation rights have been violated.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Intelligent estate planning is important for newlyweds as well as wealthy grandparents. HLP can help ensure that your final wishes are carried out, that your personal assets are preserved, and that your minor children are protected.

Bankruptcy: Sometimes your financial strategy brings not success but crushing debt. HLP can help you consider your options in bankruptcy, give you relief from creditor phone calls, and help put you on the road to credit recovery.

Appeals: If a judge has decided against your case, HLP has the experience you need to help you understand the appeals process, file timely appellate notices and briefs, and argue your appeal in a higher court.

Howard, Lewis & Petersen, PC would be honored to help you with your general litigation needs. Contact us today for a consultation.