clock and coins in front of it Here’s what you need to do to file a Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Hire a Utah Attorney.

(1) Hire a Utah Bankruptcy attorney. Generally, the fees are around $1,600 or so and will need to be paid up front. These costs and fees are generally a flat fee, unless your Bankruptcy becomes contested. The initial flat fee payment does not cover extra motion practice like striking liens, contested Bankruptcies, discharge objections, fraud accusations, etc. Live in Utah 180 Days.

(2) You generally need to live in Utah for the past 180 days in order to file a Bankruptcy. If you have recently moved from another state, or you have significant assets in another state, you may be able to file in that state, rather than Utah. 6 Months of Pay Stubs.

(3) You will need to provide your Bankruptcy attorney with 6 months of pay stubs or equivalent income statements. Six months of pay stubs are used to average your income and see if you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you haven’t worked, this requirement is waived. You will need to bring a current pay stub to the first Meeting of Creditors to prove you have not become a millionaire since the date you filed Bankruptcy. 6 Weeks of Bank Statements.

(4) On the date you file Bankruptcy, you will need to have less than $25 in your bank account or the Bankruptcy Trustee will take that money and distribute it to your creditors. This does not mean just take the money out of your account and put it under your bed. Utah does not have a bank account exemption.

You will need to provide your attorney with 6 weeks of bank statements from every account you have. Most banks have online access, so don’t paper your lawyers up with hard copies. Just pull them down online. Same goes for pay stubs if possible.

You will also need a bank statement from the date you file, to prove to the Bankruptcy Trustee that you had less than $25 in your account on the date you filed Bankruptcy.

Valid ID and Social Security Card.

(5) At the first Meeting of Creditors, and generally your last court hearing for you Bankruptcy case, you will need to bring your original Social Security Card and a valid government issued identification. Sometimes you can rely upon your originalW2 tax statements. Other times, you can get a statement from your local Social Security office indicating what your Social SecurityNumber is.

Pre Filing Educational Class.

(6) You will need to take an educational credit class prior to filing Bankruptcy. These costs are generally $25 or so for the first class and another $25 for the second educational class that you take after your Bankruptcy is filed.


“Bankruptcy is document intensive and your case may get dismissed if you do not provide the Trustee with the above documents.”

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