last will and testamentIt is never too early to start planning for your future and the future of your family. By setting up a comprehensive estate plan today, you can ensure that your family is taken care of when you are no longer able to provide for them. From establishing a simple trust to the distribution of assets, at the Provo law offices of Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C., we can help.

A thorough and comprehensive estate plan will include provisions for your health, as well as the distribution of your assets. When you are no longer able to make sound decisions regarding your healthcare, an estate plan will ensure that your wishes are honored. There are a number of tools we can use to protect your rights:

  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianships


A will is an important legal document that allows an individual to dispose of property which he or she owns prior to death. Wills are governed by state law and must be made according to the law to be valid. At Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C., we can help you draft and properly execute a will according to your wishes.

Living Wills / Health Care Powers of Attorney

A living will is a legal document which allows an individual to decide what life sustaining treatments he/she wants used to extend his/her life if he/she is dying. Like traditional wills, living wills must be written according to state law to be valid.

If you have questions about living wills or desire assistance in drafting and executing a valid living will, the attorneys at Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C. can help you with your needs.

Guardianships / Conservatorships Attorney

Unfortunately, there are situations where a person becomes unable to make legal decisions for themselves relating to his/her health, living situation and property. This may be due to physical disability or mental illness. In these situations, a guardian or conservator may need to be appointed under state law to help provide and protect an individual.

At Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C., we have extensive experience in dealing with guardianships and conservatorships and can assist you through the process including initiating a guardianship action, dealing with evidentiary hearings and the required legal documents.

Probate / Estate Administration Attorney

When you have lost a loved one, distribution of their estate often is done through either probate or estate administration. If your loved one did not leave an estate plan, we can guide you through the probate process. If your loved one did leave behind a complete estate, Howard, Lewis & Petersen, P.C. will see to it that it is distributed properly. We can also provide assistance should any disputes or litigation arise during probate or estate administration.

Contact the┬áProvo Wills, Trust & Estate Administration Attorneys at Howard, Lewis & Petersen, it’s never too early to start planning.